Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing in Santa Cruz


Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing in Santa Cruz

Meet Drew. Owner, Creator, Operator, Artist of Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing on the Westside of Santa Cruz in California. I got to meet up with Drew and ask him how he got into Screen Printing and learn more about his passion to create beautiful pieces.

Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing in Santa Cruz

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing business with Ablyss. Drew printed Fox Realty Group tote bags, t-shirts, hats, tank tops, sweatshirts, and stickers for me and they turned our beautifully!

If you are in need of any printing, art, design, posters, murals, come to Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing in Santa Cruz!

Ablyss Screen Printing in Santa Cruz takes t-shirt printing to the next level with our innovative equipment, top shelf inks, in-depth knowledge of design, and superior customer service.

To learn more about Drew and Ablyss visit, Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing: (831)-417-8535 815 Almar Ave, Suite K Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing in Santa Cruz
Fox Realty Group INC. hat made by Drew with Ablyss Printhouse Screen Printing

Video Transcript:

Hi there, I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz real estate expert, and we are today with Drew. Gonna be working’ all night tonight and all day tomorrow. The owner, creator, operator of Ablyss. Did I say it right? You did. Ablyss. What, what, why, how long have you been doing this printing job? I’ve been printing since I was 16. I got a silkscreen press for Christmas when I was 16 and I’d go to school and sell my t-shirts to the kids at school and make a little catalog. That’s so cool. And then I decided to go to school for it and… And then you do silk screening and that’s kind of like your main? Yeah that’s the bread and butter. That’s the bread and butter. So how do you do that and how’d you get into it? I just kept on making shirts for people and was pretty good at it and I figured that that was what I was gonna do so I set up a shop to kind of integrate my fine art printing skills with the commercial printing skills to come up with a high quality product. That’s cool. Will you show us your silk screens? Yeah. He’s a fabulous artist, a custom screen printer, amongst many plethora of other things and I recently had the pleasure of doing business with him and he printed t-shirts, bags, hats, tank tops, totes, a bunch of stuff. Stickers. Stickers. He did an amazing job and if you need any printing or art, will you show your most recent beautiful piece that you did? Is this like the high of your career? I mean, it’s ascending. It’s only going up from here. Bob Weir hired Drew to create this fabulously beautiful piece of art for a flyer. So if you need any printing. Printing, art, design, poster printing, anything, murals, anything like that. Come to Ablyss. Come to Ablyss Print House on Almar Avenue, 815 Almar Avenue, Suite K. And ask for Drew. All right, I think that’s good.

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