Cat and Cloud Coffee New Location on the Westside of Santa Cruz

Cat & Cloud Coffee New Location on the Westside of Santa Cruz

Cat & Cloud Coffee is on a mission to leave people feeling happier than they were before, and have a vision to change the way the world does business. Jared Truby, one of Cat & Cloud’s three owners, is extremely passionate about culture, values, leadership, customer service, quality, and growth. This revolutionary company just recently opened a new location on the Westside of Santa Cruz and owner, Jared Truby, takes us inside and tells us more about the Cat & Cloud vision!

Cat and Cloud Coffee New Location on the Westside of Santa Cruz: 719 Swift St, Suite 56 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Cat and Cloud New Location on the Westside of Santa Cruz

The opening of the Westside Santa Cruz location, now brings Cat & Cloud to 4 local Santa Cruz Coffee Shops. Each location has a different vibe but the same mission & vision. You have to experience this fun environment for yourself. Not only are they extremely hospitable, but their coffee is absolutely delicious. You will not be disappointed.

Also, two of the owners of Cat & Cloud Coffee; Chris Baca & Jared Truby have a popular Coffee Podcast. From placing in the finals of the United States Barista Championship multiple times, winning regional competitions, to leading training and education for some of the most progressive coffee companies around – these two have learned a ton about coffee and want to share it with the world. Tune in to the Cat & Cloud Podcast for weekly interviews, tutorials, business advice, and for fun conversations from these coffee professionals!

Cat and Cloud Coffee New Location on the Westside of Santa Cruz
“Jared Truby & Chris Baca”
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To learn more about the Westside of Santa Cruz and all it has to offer, click here.


Video Transcript:

Hold tight, hold tight. Hello, and welcome to Cat & Cloud on the Westside of Santa Cruz, it is a newly opened Cat & Cloud and I’m here with one of the three owners Jared… Timbly?.. Trimbly? Trabobably, Truby. Jared Truby. He’s gonna tel us a little bit about his vision for Cat & Cloud in general and his part in the company and also his desire to open up in this new location on the Lower Westside of Santa Cruz. Take it away, Jared. Wow, where do I start? Well, the mission of this company is to leave people happier than we found them. The biggest thing to take from that, really, is that this world kinda treats us to be self-sufficient and it teaches not to trust, it teaches us to get out and get it for ourselves, and I think that there is a way better more holistic approach to business where we can teach people to take care of each other, Yeah. And to care. The other thing is the vision for our company is we wanna to have a place that have a purpose, and actually feel that their impact is worth something more than a monetary number value. You know when you make somebody feel good, and it absolutely feels nice to make somebody feel good and that’s something I think it’s a forgotten art. So, hospitality is a big part of our game. So, relationship-based too? It’s all relationship-based. Have you read the Go-Giver? There’s a huge part in the Go-Giver, I’m gonna bring, I told Charles that I would bring it to you guys, and Sarah borrowed it. I’m gonna get it back. But there’s a huge section in the Go-Giver that is about coffee and it ends in this coffee note, and I’m like, f***ing cool! Sorry, cut that out. You could just beep it. So what would you say if you could only make one cup of coffee or one type of coffee drink for the rest of your life, what would it be? Easy, espresso. Espresso? All day long? It’s the most complex, it is the most exciting, yeah, and it is, the best experience, for me. Mark, we did it.

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