How to Choose Your Santa Cruz Realtor When Buying a Home in Santa Cruz

How to Choose Your Santa Cruz Realtor When Buying a Home in Santa Cruz

How to choose your Santa Cruz Realtor when buying a home in Santa Cruz!

I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz real estate expert, and I’m excited to share with you today this pertinent information on how to choose the right Realtor for you when you are shopping for your Santa Cruz home.

1.Think about what is important to you! Just like there is Coca Cola and Pepsi, and 31 flavors at Baskin Robins, there’s a bazillion Santa Cruz Realtors to choose from and it is very crucial for you to decide what are important characteristics for you in a Realtor. Not all Santa Cruz Realtors are created equal and there is a flavor and style that will fit your needs. How do you want to be communicated with? How often do you want to be communicated with? Do you want your hand held for the entire process or do you want to be given a little bit of information and then go off to do your own research on your own? Do you want to be coached or do you want to be pushed? There are several different styles of how an effective real estate agent can help you buy the Santa Cruz home of your dreams, so make sure when you’re making that decision, the choice is directly related to how you feel and what your needs specifically are. Be selective and make sure you choose the style of Realtor that best suits your personality when buying a home.

2.Rule out Red flags: Just as important as it is to decide what works for you, it’s important to decide what doesn’t work for you. When you’re buying a home in Santa Cruz, make sure that you are compatible with the Realtor that you choose. There is a fine line between providing information, education, resources & advise, and being pushy or aggressive. If the Realtor that you choose ends up being aggressive, pushy, and vague with information and you’re a detail-oriented person, make sure that you choose somebody that’s also detail-oriented so that they can help foster your needs. Look out for warning signs from agents being vague about their experience, knowledge and expertise as well as being extra pushy when it comes time to write an offer. The good Santa Cruz buyer’s agents are patient and take the time to explain things so that their buyers understand. Every offer you write may not be accepted, but every experience will either be a win or a learning lesson. So take that lesson and apply it to the next offer you write.

3.Utilize technology to your advantage: Yes, I know there is so much information on the internet it can be overwhelming, but oftentimes, you will be able to get a really good sense of whether you and a Santa Cruz Realtor will be compatible, based on what their reviews say online. Make sure that you really dig deep, do your sleuth work, and look at their online presence. Read the reviews carefully, look not just at their ratings, but also pay attention to the words that are used when other clients have reviewed those buyer’s agents. You can check the Santa Cruz buyer’s agents sales history, their experience and expertise as well as read their reviews. Check out their social media platforms. Often time you can get a really great sense of whether you and a specific buyer agent will be a good match based on their online presence. So use technology to your advantage when choosing the right Santa Cruz Realtor to represent you when buying a home.

4.Get Referrals: This, in my opinion, is the best way to find a great Santa Cruz Realtor to help you when buying a home. Get referrals from your friends and families and/or people that you know that live in the neighborhood for which you are shopping for a home. The people that you ask for referrals from most likely already know you and your personality, so they will be able to guide you the right direction to help select a buyer’s agent that will fit your needs, wants, and desires. Ask a few different people for their advice on who they would recommend as a great Santa Cruz buyer’s agent. This is a great place to start the home buying research.

5.Identify relevant certifications and specialties: Another thing to consider when choosing your buyer’s agent to help you buy a Santa Cruz home of your dreams is make sure that you identify their specialties and certifications. If you are looking for a single family home, you probably do not want to work with a commercial real estate specialist. Also, consider some of the trainings that your buyer’s agent has gone through. Maybe you should consider an agent who is a Certified Negotiation Expert, since they will be negotiating on behalf of your needs and interests to secure your Santa Cruz home. If you are looking for a home in the city of Santa Cruz, be sure that your Santa Cruz Realtor has experience selling homes in that particular area. This may seem inconsequential, but local knowledge and specialties really plays a big part in a successful purchase transaction and may lead to off-market opportunities. So make sure that you qualify your agent by asking what their specialties are, what their experience is, and what they have credentials in when buying a home.

6.Interview Buyers Agents: This is the fun part! You have done your research, you have asked for referrals, now you really get to see which buyer’s agents you really connect with through an interview. You can do the interview either by phone, Zoom, or in person, whatever you’re comfortable with. But make sure that you have a clear list of questions that you’re prepared to ask the Santa Cruz Realtor’s so that when you are interviewing them, you are clearly able to communicate your needs, desires, wishes, and ask all the questions that you find pertain-able to choosing the right buyer’s agent for you. {For 9 Questions to ask your Realtor during an interview before hiring them, check out THIS VIDEO.} And most importantly see how you and the Realtors that you are interviewing connect and communicate. Are they listening to you and your needs? Are they asking curious questions? Are they engaged with you? Or are they checking emails? It is not just about credentials and experience, though those are important, it is also about how you connect and communicate with your buyer’s agent. After all, you will be spending lots of time together looking at homes, discussing strategies and securing the home of your dreams. Make sure you choose a buyers agent that you like and enjoy being around.

7.Ask agents for references: I’m sure at this point, your gut instinct is telling you which agent to choose to represent you in the purchase of your new home right here in Santa Cruz, but one last thing, just to be sure. Ask the Realtor, that you have decided to go with, for a few references so that you can check on the experiences that other clients have had when purchasing a home. Calling a few of the Santa Cruz Realtor’s previous clients should solidify your decision.

8.Choose your Agent: Now for the fun part! Choose your Santa Cruz Realtor and start shopping for your new home!! Yay!! And don’t worry too much, if you have followed these steps, and chosen a buyers agent you feel connected to, chances are you will be satisfied with your decision! And it is reassuring to know that according to a recent survey, “90% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to someone else.” Those are pretty high statistics!! So feel confident about your choice!

9.Sign a buyer broker agreement: Homebuyers, and especially first time home buyers, may not be privy to the buyer broker agreement. It
is a valuable tool and extra protection for both the buyer and the buyers agent. This document establishes an agreement between the buyer and the broker, or the real estate agents supervisor, independent of the agent. It also outlines the agents scope and responsibilities to the buyer, outlines the buyers agents fees and commission, working timeline etc.

And thats it.. How to choose your Realtor when buying a home in Santa Cruz! If you follow this step by step guide I am confident you will find success in choosing the right buyers agent for you!! To download my free buyers guide, CLICK HERE.

And to learn how to choose the right Listing agent when selling your Santa Cruz home watch this video!

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