Interview with Jennalee Dahlen, Founder of Yoso Wellness Spa

Interview with Jennalee Dahlen, Founder of Yoso Wellness Spa

Interview with Jennalee Dahlen, Founder of Yoso Wellness Spa in Santa Cruz

Jennalee Dahlen, Founder & Chief Visionary of Yoso Wellness Spa in Santa Cruz, is not only passionate about wellness, but also the Santa Cruz Community as a whole. Yoso Wellness Spa prides itself on being a green company that offers a variety of treatments with the intention on their clients’ feeling whole from skin to soul. Specifically, they offer treatments in the form of massages, facials, peels, oncology, acupuncture, nails, lashes, cupping, makeup, spray tanning and waxing. And during these treatments they use only organic products that harness the healing powers of Mother Nature while targeting and treating specific skin and body conditions. 

For many years, Jennalee has had a deep passion for skin health and the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits it can create for an individual when it is taken care of.  And she is thrilled to share that enjoyment and knowledge with all the wonderful humans that experience a treatment with her. Jennalee believes the skin is our third brain and the health of it goes beyond what we see on the surface.  The Yoso Wellness Spa mission is that every person that interacts with them in any form, feels seen, known, and cared for.

In this interview, we discuss how her business has shifted during the pandemic, how the Santa Cruz Community has showed up to support her, and how she in turn has supported the community. Jennalee also shares how the pandemic also gave her the opportunity to open The Annex. The Annex is dedicated to treasured self care, clean beauty, intentional wellness, earthy goods and high vibrations with sustainable products honoring our beliefs for non-toxic living for your optimal health inside and out. 

At Yoso Wellness Spa, they understand how exhausted life can leave you, which is why their team is dedicated to providing the best in spa treatments and raw products, helping you feel whole from skin to soul. So next time you are in the Santa Cruz area, I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor by either booking a treatment at Yoso Wellness Spa or buy some products from The Yoso Annex.

For additional information about Yoso Wellness Spa, to book a treatment, and to Shop the Annex visit:

Yoso Wellness Spa: 740 Front St #110, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 | (831) 600-8053

Yoso the Annex: 109 Cooper St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 | (831) 247-1987

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