Maggie’s Place Santa Cruz, Wonderful Place to Find Unique Gifts

Interview with Maggie; Owner of Maggie's Place in Santa Cruz

Maggie’s Place in Santa Cruz, A Wonderful Place to Find Unique Gifts

Hello and welcome, I’m super excited today to introduce to you Maggie and her beautiful shop called Maggie’s Place, which is right in Midtown Santa Cruz. And she is part of the Midtown Business Association and she collaborates and gives back to the community. She’s working on a fundraiser right now that I’ll have her talk a little bit about, but I’m really excited to chat with her and share her beautiful store with you.

Maggie’s background is design, she has been doing design for many years. And when the space came available, in Midtown Santa Cruz, Elise, next door told me about it and I negotiated with the landlord and here she is with her store 2 years later. Since the opening, the space has evolved into a unique gift store. Maggie is very particular about what she brings into the store.

Last time I went into Maggie’s Place, and chatted with Maggie, she was telling me about a fundraiser that the Midtown Business Association were involved with, which is one of our core values to give back to the community, to promote local businesses, to support each other. In this particular fundraiser, each merchant in the association purchased from their favorite, either salon or restaurant, which those guys have been hurt the most during this whole pandemic. And they each purchased a $50 gift certificate. Later on, they are going to raffle those off, and there’s over a dozen of them. The money from the raffle then will go back to the employees of those businesses, so it’s like a tip for the employees. If people want to participate, they just come into any one of the Midtown businesses and they all have the raffle tickets available. It’s cash, so that it goes back to the other businesses.

If you’re looking for a business who supports the local Santa Cruz community, and a place where you can find something unusual or creative, check out Maggie’s Place. It’s not gonna be your average store.

I, personally, just bought a closing gift for a client from Maggie’s Place, it was a really cute and unique gift, and she was delighted, my client loved it. So it’s a great little shop to come gift shopping. Midtown Maggie’s Place. I’ll see you here.

“We are a beachy little furniture & home décor store located in the heart of Santa Cruz, California. As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about eclectic design and unique (to you) interiors. I have always had a love affair with design. Two years ago when I was laid off from a job in Silicon Valley, I thought, “Why not” pursue a career that makes me smile and fulfills my need for design in my everyday life. I started Maggie’s Place back in September of 2018. The store is put together in a way that allows anyone who walks in to be able to connect in a personal way. We all do have our own design style, sometimes it just need a little nudge! My goal is to make my customers feel understood and comfortable when they explore the store. We have products, accessories and design services that are unique and unlikely to be found in any other store around. I see Maggie’s Place becoming the go-to place for anyone interested in home décor ~ or seeking insight and inspiration. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about us. Hope to see you at the store!” — Maggie

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