Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 12

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 12

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 12

Yesterday was Day 12 of the shelter in place here in Santa Cruz! What are YOU doing for your mind, body, and soul during this time?

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 12We found out today that the Santa Cruz County schools are remaining closed until May 5th! Which Ellia is pretty sad about since it’s her last year in elementary school and she really misses her friends! How are you and your children taking this news?


But on a positive note, we got our basketball hoop in the mail. So now, our PE portion of our day should be really fun. However, the basketball hoop didn’t come pre-assembled, so Ellia and Danny worked on putting it together. Our family isn’t the best at following written instructions. So they tinkered around with it for awhile! Do you tend to follow written instructions, or simply try to do it yourself?

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 12

During that time, I had a lot of phone meetings. Since those are the only type of meetings that we are allowed to have during this Coronavirus pandemic. But I was super stoked that a second transaction closed during the quarantine! It’s been a learning curve to manage how to do business at this time, but our team rallied together to get this transaction closed. One of my favorite parts of real estate is giving my client the keys to their new home and to be able to celebrate with them. It feels weird to not be able to hand over keys and a closing gift to my client in person, but I’m happy that she’ll get to self quarantine in her new home!

Also, Ellia told me that she’s been loving all this quality time spent with me and that she’s never felt closer to me… I am beyond happy! I hope that you are enjoying all this quality time with your family too!

If you are within the at-risk population and are in need of essentials at this time, I’d be happy to bring supplies to you! And if you are a Santa Cruz business owner, let me know how we can support you! 

If you are currently looking to Buy a Santa Cruz Home, I would love to assist you in your home search. And if you are currently thinking if now is a good time to Sell Your Santa Cruz Home, I would love to arrange a time to have a complimentary consultation. At Fox Realty Group, we take pride in marketing your home creatively and getting your home sold quickly and for the most money!

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6


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Video Transcript:

Did it really say whap it four times? Yeah. Six times, yeah. Six times a whapping? That was six times whapping the wrong side. Well, a little change of pace, we just got the official notice that Santa Cruz County schools are now closed through May 5th, which I probably expect actually, that it’ll end up being til’ the end of the school year. Which is really sad because it’s Ellia’s last year at Bay View and she is just missing her friends like crazy and has really, really been loving Mr. B’s class, and her last year of school in fifth grade. But, on a positive swing, we just got our basketball hoop delivered, so now PE should be fun. The funny thing is Ellia was like, “I’m gonna put this thing together. They got a YouTube channel and everything.” So, let me show you what that looked like. How’s it going? Do you not know how to follow instructions very well? Mom, just stop filming. We’re trying to figure something out. I’m gonna take that as a not going so well. I think instructions are really hard. I hope they figure it out though, it looks like a fun basketball hoop. What did you say? We kind of reversed it, but it looks pretty f***** up, now. This step cannot be reversed? Step cannot be reversed, but we reversed it. The step that you did? And now is it fixed, though? We are not a very, this family does not follow directions very well, or instructions, we just like to build it the way that we like to build it. More like you and Dad. I like to follow instructions, but I’m not good at reading instruct, I mean not good at like looking at the instruct… Okay, okay, okay, I don’t like to follow instructions. You know what? Second time is the charm. Agreed. Okay, where’s the other metal bar? Why do you need two? What is that? It’s one bar and it goes all the way through and then those, No! Wheels go on it. No, this is this bar, where’s this bar? Oh yeah, there’s a big one. We have a short bar. Where’s our long bar? I saw it. It smells like chocolate! Remember the last time we said that? That was so weird. In Chicago. And then what happened? We got to the chocolate factory and it was like, a laundry mat. And it literally said open to the public, and it was like, a medical store, and then it was like, we tried to open it and it was locked. But why did it smell like chocolate? It literally said, like, Rosie’s Chocolate Shop. Just opens the door, goes in, and then we try and open it and it’s locked, and we were like, “Hi,” and they were all like– I’m all like, it literally says! We go on some crazy adventures as a family, don’t we? Ah! Okay, I’ve been up and working, but, I’ve had back to back, to back, to back calls and meetings, so I haven’t had a chance to get showered and dressed, which has been my Monday through Friday goal, is to everyday get dressed and ready for work, as if I was going to work. People are telling me that that makes a difference. So, I’m gonna to go make a late breakfast/early lunch, and then I’m gonna to get dressed for work now that I have a little moment in the day, for a break. Actually, maybe I should work out first, and then I’ll get dressed for work. That seems more reasonable. Okay, keep you posted. Okay, I got my brain food, and I’m gonna to get to work. I know that I didn’t change yet, but I just want to power through. I’m super motivated right now to get some work done so I’m gonna drink, oh, excuse me, drink my brain food, and do some work that needs my attention. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day. That is actually really good! One orange, two bananas, carrot top greens, parsley for inflammation, ginger for digestion, and strawberries for vitamin C. Delicious! Gettin’ my greens. Hi, Ellia. Looks like you’re doing a craft project, but it’s a secret craft project, right? Did you hear the news, Ellia? About school closure? How does that make you feel? That’s it, mad! Makes me mad! No, I was doing it. You are my tutor. Do not talk to me right now. I am super excited to share that I closed my second transaction during the shelter in place, which has been a learning curve a bit. But everybody, all the team, rallied together and were able to get the job done. So, that’s exciting. And my client gets to move into her new home, which is really exciting! But I love, love, love the part of real estate when I get to give my client the keys, and give them a gift, and actually thank them in person, and give them a hug, and congratulate them in person, at their house, for the closing sale of their home! So, that will have to wait, but we will get you, and we will come and celebrate with you as soon as we are allowed to, and as soon as it’s safe. Enjoy your new home, and thank you for the business. You guys, here’s the deal. Ellia just kicked my butt at Rack-O. She really did. She beat me fair and square. But I’m the real winner, because Ellia told me tonight. I’ll tell you when she stops talking. Ellia told me tonight, that she loves all this quality time at home with me, because she loves me and feels closer to me than she ever has before. I mean, my heart is filled. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I hope you guys are having fun, loving, family time like we are. Sending all my love to you. And this shirt is the courtesy of Heather Cortazzo. Thank you, Heather, for my wardrobe.

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