Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 3

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 3

Another day of quarantining here in Santa Cruz, California! Today my daughter, Ellia, gave me a makeover, we had some at home P.E.,  we did a jigsaw puzzle,  we went to Sunnyside Market in Soquel to get some NOT DECAF Coffee, and I enjoyed Happy Hour  with my Husband, Danny!

Let me know how I can support your Santa Cruz business at this time of social distancing and shelter in place. I may come by and film in order to promote your business and tell others how they can support you too!

And don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any Santa Cruz real estate questions, or if you are in the at-risk population and are in need of the essentials at this time! I’m here to help.

I’d also love to hear from you about what you’d like to see me and Ellia do while quarantined! 

We are here to bring you cheer  during this time of fear!

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 3Shemeika Fox

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Video Transcript:

Day at the spa or arts and crafts project, we shall see. But Ellia has offered to do a makeover on me. Let’s see how that goes.

Now Ellia’s going to show you how to do blush. No I’m not. Did you brush your teeth today?

What do you guys think? I think it turned out pretty good. I think that it was less of a craft project and more of a day at the spa.

It’s a great day here on day three. My daughter finished all of her homework and now she’s doing a puzzle which has been taking us way too long. One eternity later. Say hi. Are you guys almost done? What is it? A 500 jigsaw? Jigsaw! This is like the hardest puzzle ever.

Okay. We needed some fresh air. We were both driving each other crazy me and Ellia. So we’re gonna do a little bit of P.E. Stay tuned. Day three P.E. We’re gonna take, no Jason don’t put that in. Okay. Quarantine day three P.E. take 659. Mom no. You look like a depressed sixth grader. P.E. day three. Day three quarantine P.E. Ah! Ellia, that was really hard.

Twelve seconds later. Oh my gosh you guys. Aw, I’m gonna cry. I know this is really not a tragedy but what happens when you’re stuck at home and you order your groceries that get delivered and the you realize that your coffee is decaf. Deep breaths. Okay. Well, here goes nothing. Decaf until we get more.

I need a couple of essentials one of which is definitely not decaf coffee. It’s gonna kill me but I’m doing my grocery shopping at this outdoor market. Supporting local businesses at Sunny Side in Soquel. And it’s an open air market, so it’s fabulous. Best place to go right now and they’re super stocked. Beth don’t kill me. Love you. I may have not decaf, not decaf coffee. Okay. I think I’ll be good now.

Quarantine day three, happy hour with the courvoisier courtesy of Selina aka Too Short. Woo! I’m Too Short baby and I don’t stop rapping. Hm. Pretty nice. Grab it back and front. Can I taste it? Not on my glass you dirty mother f*****! Are you kidding me? Oh my God, dude! Jeez! Should I do it out of the bottle? No. Just a sip. F*** no man. Here you go. That is more that a sip. Damn. That is like a glass. Bottoms up, yo. Cheer it out. Oh cheers. Don’t touch my glass. That’s really good.

All right. End of the day. Time for popcorn and I wish I could say a movie but my daughter does not like watching movies. So, I will have to compromise. I’m not very good at that. What’s your favorite popcorn recipe? I personally like butter, salt and yeast. See you tomorrow.

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