Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 38

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 38

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 38

Day 38 of the Shelter in Place was Earth Day! And to celebrate Earth Day, Ellia harvested some things from our garden for dinner, and planted more seeds for future garden goodies. And…time for some confessions of a working mom during quarantine. How did you spend your Earth Day?

I think I lost it a little bit with Ellia last night. We ended up hugging and apologizing to each other last night, but to make it up to her this morning, I picked her a bouquet of flowers from the garden and wrote her a love letter. You know sometimes I think that it’s easy to take the people that you live with or that you’re super close with, for granted a little bit. So I am trying to be super compassionate with my loved ones right now. What have you been doing for your loved ones right now?

My dear friend, Jenny Putney, called saying how hilarious it was that a pipe burst in our backyard, and said that she wanted an update. So Jenny, check out our hole in our backyard, I guess we’re gonna have to do something a little more permanent than patch it.

And since you all voted that you love Danny in my videos, Jen and I, try to give you a little tour of his mind! I hope you enjoy learning more about him! And who do you think is more lucky? Me or Danny?

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 38

Stay well and Stay tuned for Day 39 of Sheltering in Place here in Santa Cruz!

Oh, and my daughter, Ellia, is still making face masks for people within the community, so if you are in need of one, let me know and I’ll put an order in with her!

If you wanna talk please, please feel free to reach out to me. Know that you are not alone in this. We got this! You can sign up for a call with me using the Calendly link HEREI look forward to chatting with you!

If you are within the at-risk population, and are in need of essentials during this time, or a face mask, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to bring food and supplies to your doorstep. If you are a Santa Cruz business owner, please let me know how the community can support you during this time. I’d love to come by, film, and promote you on social media.

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Video Transcription:

Confessions of a working mom during quarantine. I think I lost it a little bit last night. Ellia came in to talk to me, and I had asked her to help me clean up. And she was like, “We already did.” But the house was still a mess. Which it seems like that’s pretty consistent these days ’cause we’re here so much. And I just gave her the silent treatment, so passive aggressive and that’s so horrible. And I apologized and she apologized and we hugged and she cried and I just felt so bad. But man, some days are harder than others. But I really need to be remember to be compassionate with her and to talk about it with her. And not be passive aggressive with her. Ugh, that’s like the worst thing I could ever do. Anyways, that’s my morning confession. I’m feeling a little bit better today and we made up last night so I hope she is too. Coffee time. A good night’s sleep and a cup of coffee. Now I’m feeling better. I think Ellia is feeling better too. Bad mom, mother of the year, yet again. You know sometimes I think that it’s easy to forget the people that you live with or that you’re super close with, not forget them but just take them for granted a little bit. And I’m realizing that I was writing out my day from yesterday my accomplishments, my gratitude, and I realized I dropped off some flowers for somebody and I don’t really ever do that for my family so I’m gonna write my family a little love letter. And put together a little bouquet for them. Ellia is calling me, I’m gonna go bring her this bouquet of flowers. I made this for you. Ellia? Yes? What’s today? Earth Day. And what are you doing? Well, I harvested some stuff from the garden and I’m gonna saute these. But first I’m gonna put them in the refrigerator so that they’re cold. Why are you doing that? For Earth Day. No, I mean why are you gonna refrigerate them so that they’re cold? So that they’re cold, so that they’re refreshing. I don’t know? Are you gonna cook them though? Well, I’m putting them in there right now ’cause I don’t want them to sit out and go like bleh. Wilt? Wilt? Wilt, yeah. Because I’m gonna cook them for dinner. Mm, I can’t wait. And we actually got four basils. That is so cute. And then we forgot to tell the camera, but we got beans. And then our dwarf sunflower. They popped up? Mm-hmm, and dwarf sunflower will be cool, because we can save some of the seeds so that we can plant some next year. That’s awesome. And then I’m gonna plant more because we still have all of these left. For Earth Day. Awesome. Okay, bye. Thank you. What do you have? The asparagus that I cooked it with butter. Are you gonna eat it? Mm-hmm Its delicious, can I taste? Mm-hmm. I think it tastes delicious. Mmm, oh it is really good. Gonna lay in here with me? No. Okay. I just told Ellia I was gonna lay down outside and I said I’m tired. And she said, “I know, I can tell.” Day 38, deep breaths. What in the world are you doing? How’s your Earth Day been so far Ellia? I brought you two oranges as you requested. Ow. My dear friend Jenny called me today, Jenny Putney, to tell me how amusing my life dramady is. And she said, “I was in stitches when I saw that guys are in your backyard. I can’t believe a pipe burst.” So I told her, “Well it burst and it’s still dug up and the solution is not yet completed, because when we turn the water on, we still have a geyser.” So Jenny Putney, check out our hole in our backyard, I guess we’re gonna have to do something a little more permanent than patch it. But I’m not quite ready to do that. So here’s your update. We’re back at it, Ellia, is gonna bake the bread, but this time because I don’t know if you remember what happened when Danny did it. What happened Ellia? It was kinda like a hockey puck, huh? Yeah. So Danny’s been fired yet again from the kitchen. And here we go off to the races. Not like. Danny give the public a tour of your brain, because apparently you’re the more desired one. You have to tell? Na uh, your votes came in. I mean three people said. Oh three people? Yeah, I’m dumb, I’m really nice. Oh. Well I don’t think that was the question. I’m really nice and creative. And I’m all of this and in spite of you being mean to me and telling me that my creativity sucks. Humble too, obviously. I have to be or else I’ll constantly be getting beat. Shemeika you’re lucky. Who me? Yes you. So are you, you are lucky too. Yeah, but you’re especially lucky. Is he lucky? I’m just sorta lucky. Super lucky. But you’re way lucky. Mm-mm. You’re like super lucky. I feel like I’m at war or something. I know. I think that’s an exaggeration, but there’s this weird sort of like icky feeling like something’s trying to kill you that’s invisible. And you’re like. An invisible killer! Wow. Okay, wow. Oh boy, oh boy, wow. Dinner from the garden. And what is it? A prima by aunt. My cousin. My mom’s cousin? said that broccoli leaves taste good, so I took the leaves from the broccoli and I sautéed them and put an egg on top. Yum. For Earth Day.

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