Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 4

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 4

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 4

Thursdays are Tour Days in Santa Cruz County; when Sarah and I go out  into the community, we look at Santa Cruz houses, but besides just looking at houses, we get to chat all day in the car while we drive around.  So, our Thursday Tour is canceled,  until after April 7th when the stay in place is lifted. But with the Shelter in Place Ordinance, Sarah and I both worked from our homes!

In this video you’ll get to see what Ellia, Danny, and I got into on our 4th Day of Shelter in Place here in Santa Cruz, California! Warning: get ready to see some super cool dance moves! 

If you are a local Santa Cruz business owner, I’d love to hear how my family and I can support you in this time! We can even come by and film! And if you are in the at-risk population, are are in need of essentials, let me know and I can get you whatever you need!

I came across an article today from the Mortgage Professional America stating,”The state of New York will allow some homeowners to skip their mortgage payments for three months in response to the spread of COVID-19.” It is super heart warming to see that governments and local officials are stepping up for their communities in big ways. I hope you spread some kindness to others around you as well.

STAY HEALTHY! And spread nothing but kindess.

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 4


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Video Transcript:

Quarantine day four. I guess on the bright side is we don’t have to be anywhere, I get to have coffee in bed. Danny made me coffee in bed. He’s so good to me. Good morning! Ahh! It’s 9:25 on Thursday, we’re in quarantine day four, and I’m working in bed with my coffee ’cause Danny, remember, Danny brought me coffee in bed which was so so sweet of him, but now I’m just like in bed working with my coffee. I’ll have to get up when I need to make more, and then I’ll get dressed, I guess. I guess.

But here’s the deal! I’m super bummed because Thursdays are tour days when Sarah and I go out into the community, we look at houses, but besides just looking at houses on Thursdays which is also really happy making for us, we get to chat all day in the car while we drive around. We get to meet a bunch of different people, chat with a bunch of different people in the community, and if you don’t know this yet about me, I’m a super duper extrovert, and gives me energy and it makes me super happy. So, our Thursday tour is canceled, and it’s canceled I believe indefinitely, at least until after April 7th when the stay in place is lifted. Hopefully that happens, I’m hoping that this quarantine doesn’t last longer than that. And that the medical professionals and the government and everybody is able to get a handle on what’s going on, and can actually like let us back into normal lives safely. Safely, only safely obviously. It’s all about being safe. Safely, safely, safe, safe, safely, safely, safely. But, I am bummed so, that’s gonna be a hard shift for me that extrovert part, and also the getting to spend the day driving around in the car with Sarah and chatting about cool things and interesting things and business and doing business, and being out and about all day, so.

I wonder I wonder what we could, hmm let me get back to you, I might have an idea. We might, ’cause I, I think we can drive around. But I can’t be with anybody, it would just be me and Elia. I’m gonna back to you on that idea. Tour just might be slightly different. I might just have to drive past a house and take a picture or something. All right, keep you posted.

I think we’re officially losing our minds. I was cleaning and vacuumed up one piece of Ellia’s puzzle. And she is now digging through the vacuum bag trying to find it, obsessively. And I don’t know what to do, I feel super bad. She worked really hard, and I’m also kinda like, it’s just one piece and we know we already did it, we have a picture of it. This is gonna be a long two weeks at home. Well that might have been one of the most disgusting projects we’ve ever done, but success. We found the puzzle piece in the vacuum bag. Look at all of the crap that we just had to go through. What does this fall under? Creative? Arts and crafts? PE? Home ec? Gross. Okay, Ellia’s cleaning up, thank you, Ellia, and then she’s getting into the shower. We got it. Puzzle piece found.

Okay, you have to help me clean the house really quickly, and then we can move on to another item of pleasure. Where’d you go? Ellia? Are you hiding? Come on, no not yet, and that’s the wrong one, there’s already one open. Come on, you have to help me do the chores. Filming, you were filming, can we do that again? Retake. Retake. No come on, I need you to come help me do the chores. Lets start in the bedroom, and we’ll work our way through the whole casa.

Okay, what are we doing? Making popcorn on th– On what? On throw it back Thursday, but what meal is this? Breakfast. And what time is it? 12. Yeah. We don’t know what we’re doing, our schedules are so wonked. All right, Ellia’s gonna teach us how to make popcorn. What? Who’s gonna win? I’m gonna win. Who’s gonna get w– I messed up.

Super cool, Pacific Arts Complex, where Ellia takes her dance class, is doing online courses through Zoom. So, we’re gonna get to watch. If I have to go like this, I’ll sacrifice my elbow— Do you know how to do all these? ‘Kay, Pacific Art Complex is offering hip-hop online, so we’re about to take Ellia’s hip-hop class, I’m gonna do it with her. It’s PAC. Pacific Arts Complex. Oh. Oh, damn. What! So good, right? That’s level one– Okay.

Day four quarantine, PE, we’re tryin’ to get to 60, yesterday we got to 23. Do you think we can do it? I think we can. ‘Kay, lets do it. Ellia, that was– Take 645, we’re gonna get to 60. Doesn’t seem that hard. Oh sheese. If we get to 60, she’s gonna do my makeup. Is that like a punishment? And my hair. Is that a punishment or a reward? You get to– ‘Kay, lets go. But I did yours. I know, lets do it. 60. 60! Okay we did it, we made it to 60. Our next job is gonna be, Um, you get to do my hair and my makeup on video. I get to do Ellia’s hair and makeup on video. And stay tuned for juggling PE on day five.

Okay, so one of Ellia’s favorite things to do besides cooking is watching cooking shows, including Top Chef, which we’re so excited is coming back on tonight! But also Iron Chef America, which we just watched to get inspired. They did like a red fish cook off. I don’t think we can get that right now, not while we’re quarantined, and I think it’s very uncommon anyways, so you have to be on TV to get it. And be like Masaharu Morimoto. Ooh, have you had his meat drink? Ooh. I should teach you how to make his meat drink one time. Maybe that’ll be for tomorrow. Danny makes the best meat drink. But anyways, so we’re gonna do a cooking competition. Our secret ingredient is, what’s our secret ingredient, Ellia? Canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes, and she’s gonna go up first, so that the meals are prepared by the time that Danny gets home, and he will have to be the secret judge. Who do you think has this in the bag? Me or she? Let’s see. She? You. Should have said, Ellia. Ellia. Do you wanna tell the people what you’re making or you want it to be a surprise? Yeah, as long as you don’t put it on before dad gets home. It will be on for tomorrow. It will be on for tomorrow.

Okay, we are super early to bed, early to risers. So we’ve been waiting for almost a whole year for Top Chef to come back out and back on, and tonight is the night, but it premieres at 10 p.m. So I’m signing off, it’s just after nine, and we’re trying to stay up. Danny! We’re tryin’…we’re tryin’ to stay awake so that we can watch the premiere of Top Chef. Danny! Danny. Okay, see ya tomorrow. Okay, cooking challenge with Ellia. All right, get to work girlfriend. Butter in here. Wait, wait, stop it, and then delete that one, and then don’t say anything.

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