Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6

Danny had the day off since it’s Saturday, so he made us his famous chocolate pancakes. But then we heard some water running and discovered a broken pipe, so much for the day off! Luckily his brother is going to help us fix it, but we now have the water turned off!

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6

During all the madness, Ellia pulled out one of her teeth! Do you think the tooth fairy still is working during quarantine?? If so, I wonder what she will be able to leave Ellia!

Then, we decided to take a pretend trip to Hawaii, in order to get a mini-vacation during the shelter in place! Oh, and Danny decides to do some acrobatic acts for us! He’s hilarious! 

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6

I hope you, and your loved ones, are healthy and happy! If you are within the at-risk population, are you are in need of essentials during this time, please reach out to me! And if you are a Santa Cruz Business owner, let me know how my family can support you!

Stay tuned for Day 7 of Sheltering in Place! I hope that these videos are helping to brighten your day a little during these dark times!

And if you are still looking to sell your Santa Cruz home or are interested in Buying a Santa Cruz home, or are interested in hearing what the real estate market is doing here in Santa Cruz, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 6


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Video Transcript:

Oh man, Saturday, and we just found out that there’s a broken pipe underneath our patio that now we have to dig up, I guess. Danny said, “So much for the day off.” Ugh. Ugh. We have pretty shitty water pressure right now. So explain, what happened? I don’t know, you heard that water. I know, I still hear it. Around in the back house. Oh, right there, what the? What the hell? Do you see that? Ah, shit. What is it? Probably a broken pipe in the ground. Oh.

So, unfortunately you guys didn’t get to hear the phone call, but we called Danny’s brother, Josh, and he’s gonna come and take a look at our busted pipe, our busted water pipe. So right now, the water’s turned off, but look how pretty it is outside, gosh, it’s just so pretty out here. Maybe we’re gonna hang out in the back yard.

What the F, what just happened, Ellia? I pulled out my tooth. Is the tooth fairy allowed to visit during quarantine? It’s a good thing that thing has a little tiny cavity in it, because with the down economy I don’t think the tooth fairy can afford full price. You’re not supposed to say that because I’ve never had a cavity before. Can I see the tooth? Not a flawless tooth, less money. See, it’s bloody. You just ripped that thing out? Yeah. That’s crazy, Ellia.

Okay, what is that, Danny? Pork, tomatoes, Pork, tomatoes. Brandy, onions. Oh, I think I want some brandy. Oregano, salt. Have any brandy? Well we’re running out of some necessities and we have plenty of others.

Okay, Ellia, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you wanna go right now? Hawaii. I’m gonna take you there, but first, let’s grab our toilet paper. Let’s grab some toilet paper! Okay, bring the toilet paper. You got the toilet paper? Now let’s go to Hawaii!

Ellia wanted to go to Hawaii, so I decided to take her there. If you could go anywhere, in this time of quarantine, where would you wanna go? And what should we do in Oahu? Snorkel. You wanna snorkel with the fish? What else do you wanna do? Wanna come zip lining with us? Pet a dolphin? You’re so lovely. Oh, let me take that off for you.

Quarantine day six, it’s Saturday. The only reason I know that is because Danny’s making his famous chocolate pancakes, and he said that he’d share his secret recipe with the world. So what did you add so far, Danny? Well this is a new recipe. Oh, well so what did you add? So far, I’ve done milk, so I’m going eggs, water, I’m gonna try gluten-free today. Ellia, can you make some coffee? Normally I would use regular all-purpose flour. It’s gone. What’s gone? Do you hear that?

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