Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 9

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 9

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 9

It’s starting to feel like “Groundhog’s Day” here in Santa Cruz! How many days in a row are we going to wake up in our home, and not go outside, and do the exact same thing as the day before? I hope it’s not too much longer. I am ready for us to all be healthy and back to normal again! But we have to make-do with what we have and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 9

I started Day 9 of the Shelter in Place ordinance, here in Santa Cruz, with coffee in bed, again (thanks, Danny!). Then Ellia and I went on a rainy bike ride around Neary Lagoon on the Westside of Santa Cruz. It was the best bike ride ever, because we both love biking in the rain. Once the rain cleared, I decided to tackle doubleunders again! My goal was to get 2 in a row and I did not want to stop trying until I was successful! Man, not only is it difficult to master, but it hurts! I ended up with so many whip marks on my legs!

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 9

I am so grateful for the beautiful day that I had yesterday, but honestly, it is getting harder to entertain myself! So if you have any recommendations on things I can do on my breaks from work, please let me know!

If you are within the at-risk population and are in need of essentials, do not hesitate to reach out to me, I’m here to help! And if you’re a Santa Cruz Business owner, please let me know how my family can support you during this time! I know for certain that Cat & Cloud Coffee, on the westside of Santa Cruz is open for take-out only from 7am-2pm everyday during this time! So go and get yourself some delicious coffee while supporting a local Santa Cruz Business! Cat & Cloud Coffee is always serving up some positivity with their beverages, so you won’t regret stopping in for a visit.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Day 10 of this Sheltering in Place experience in Santa Cruz!!

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Video Transcript:

Okay this is literally starting to feel like “Groundhog Day.” Like how many days in a row are we gonna wake up in our home and not leave and do the exact same thing as we did the day before. With slight variations on P.E. and craft time. Day nine commence. Oh look at that, coffee in bed. Thank you, Danny. Oh I don’t think I did that yesterday so that’ll be interesting. And guess what I’m gonna do? I’m on a schedule now ’cause I need to take a shower and I need to get dressed because staying in your PJs all day is just no longer an option.

So after I enjoy my coffee in bed on day nine, I’m gonna go out to practice my double unders and do my workout in my gym and then I’m gonna shower and I’m gonna put on some real clothes. Can’t wait for real clothes. Are you guys getting dressed yet or are you still wearing your pajamas everyday? I would love to know the secret. Stay healthy, stay safe.

All right, rainy day P.E. We’re going for a bike ride through Neary Lagoon. Say hi, Ellia. Hi. How was that? Best bike ride ever. How come? ‘Cause it was perfect. And it was fun because it was raining. Yeah I love biking in the rain. Just touch your bike, Ellia. Break as much as you need to. Do not touch the railing at all. Okay, did you hear me? What? Do not touch the railing at all, break at much as you need to. Like what if there was an alligator that came out?

Can you guys see that? It looks like our roof is smoking. I think it’s just from, oh yeah you can see that. Wow, I think it’s just the moisture and the change in climate. That’s kinda crazy. The things you notice when you’re stuck at home.

So some people might think that yesterday was an epic failure considering I only got one completed doubleunder and the rest did not really work. But, I don’t know, maybe I’m masochistic and I like whipping myself relentlessly. I do have scars to show it or at least red lash marks on my legs to prove my efforts. But I’m gonna do it again. And the clouds just broke and the sun is shining and I’m grateful for this beautiful day. But it is getting harder and harder to find things to entertain myself with. How you guys holding up?

All right, let’s do this. Ow, what the–that hurt. Yesterday I got one in a row, so day two I wanna get two in a row. Higher, higher, higher, higher. Woo woo! One in a row and some whips on my legs. Two in a row is my intention, and I don’t wanna stop until I get it. High, high, high, high, double! Ow, that hurt. Ow! I almost broke my nail. Whoa, that really hurt. But I’m not giving up. Let’s do this. Here we go. Two in a row. Ugh, one. One. Oh! One! That hurts. Oh that hurts. Besides this being hard it’s actually really painful. Single, single, single, single, higher, higher, higher, higher, double! Yeah! Okay, one. Oh that was so close.

I seriously have no idea where the day goes, it’s 4:30 and I’ve had coffee and water and no food yet. And I have no idea why I haven’t eaten. I seem to have fed slightly my child and she’s slightly fed herself, but what the heck? I mean, we’re at home all day. I’m making lunch or dinner or linner now. So stay tuned, I think we’re just gonna have some bean burritos, yum. All right.

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