Spa Day Home Tour

Spa Day Home Tour

Are you looking for an affordable Felton home where you don’t have to sacrifice your spa day? Look no further than this Spa Day Home Tour of 185 Waner Way!

This charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, is 1,712sq.ft. of pure redwood bliss. The gracious and open floor plan is cozy and mystical. With the wood burning fireplace and large windows and wood framed glass doors you really feel like you are living amongst the trees. There are stunning views from every window. Through the glass door in the living room, is a fabulous sunroom which leads to the upstairs and backyard. The sunroom could be the very spot to relax and enjoy bringing the outdoors in, while protected from the elements. The backyard is complete with a large shed, a fire pit, a tree house, and an abundance of green views. The upstairs is its own oasis, complete with hardwood floors, patio, and sauna. Imagine having your very own spa at home! Plus there is a separate laundry room, ample storage and plenty of off street parking. The home is located within minutes of Downtown Felton, Henry Cowell State Park, and Loch Lomond Recreation Area.

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Video Transcription

185 Waner Way, Felton, CA: Affordable Felton, CA home with a spa

Sarah: Well I’m happy to be going on a hike.

Shemeika Fox: Sarah, I just love hiking in the Redwood Forest here at Henry Cowell in Felton. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Santa Cruz County. Isn’t it fabulous?

Sarah: Oh, me too. And I love running here.

Shemeika Fox: I should run again. Cut that out.

I just love hiking in here with you, Sarah. Henry Cowell State Park right here in Felton, California.

Sarah: Yeah, it’s one of my favorites.

Yeah, I would love to live in a place close to Henry Cowell State Park here in Felton. They have so many affordable homes, right?

Shemeika Fox: They do.

Sarah: Well, I just, I really want to affordable Santa Cruz home, but I don’t want to have to sacrifice my spa day.

Shemeika Fox: That’s funny you should mention it. We just took a new listing at 185 Waner Way right here and Felton, California, and it has an in-home spa.

Sarah: Get out of town!

Shemeika Fox: And it’s affordable!

Sarah: No way.

Shemeika Fox: Complete with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, under the Redwood canopies, but it still has a speckling of light. It’s absolutely stunning. Do you want to go look at it?

Sarah: Yeah.

Shemeika Fox: Okay. And then we’re going to [inaudible 00:01:21] Let’s go!

Sarah: Shemeika, tell me more.

Shemeika Fox: Sarah, I think you’re going to love it. Not only is it a three bedroom and two full bathrooms, but the master suite is so generously sized, and the master suite is where the sauna is located.

Sarah: No way. Tell me more.

Shemeika Fox: You’re aching bones will be so relaxed in the sauna. You’re just going to love it. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Sarah: Me neither.

Shemeika Fox: The downstairs floor plan is generous and gracious, leading from the kitchen into the living room. And then right off the living room, you’re going to love this place. I can see you growing all kinds of plants out here. There’s an actual green room and it’s big and lofty and light. I can see you with a bunch of plants in there, a really comfy chair, and a cup of coffee, but don’t forget, you have to work while you’re in that room.

Sarah: I can’t wait. I’m so excited. When will we be there soon?

Shemeika Fox: Soon. We’re almost there.

We can’t spa in this. Much better! This is the spa day that I’ve been dreaming of.

Sarah, this is such a nice spa room.

Sarah: I love it.

Shemeika Fox: Sarah, somebody even left this champagne and strawberries.

Sarah: No way. Let’s have some.

Shemeika Fox: Cheers to finding an affordable home right here in Felton, California at 185 Waner Way with an in-home sauna. You too can be treated like a queen in your very own home spa.

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Spa Day Home Tour

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