Surf’s Up! Girl’s Up! Meet Kaikora, Fox Realty Group Surf Sponsoree

Surf's Up! Girl's Up! Meet Kaikora, Fox Realty Group Surf Sponsoree

Meet Kaikora, Fox Realty Group’s Newest Santa Cruz Surf Sponsoree

Here at Fox Realty Group, we love supporting our Santa Cruz community. And one way that we like to give back is through sponsoring local young surfers in Santa Cruz. Our newest surfer to join the Fox Realty Group sponsorship program is Kaikora. She’s our first girl to join the team and we could not be happier to be able to help her pursue her passion.

With the Fox Realty Group Surf Sponsorship, comes responsibility both inside and outside of the water. The sponsoree’s must wear the Fox Realty Group logo on their wetsuit and surfboard. They receive money for every A they earn in school, which in turn goes toward entry into surf competitions. And they must abstain from drug and alcohol use. Kaikora will also be participating in at least 2 beach cleanups every year, in order to give back to the Santa Cruz community herself. We are excited to watch her success over her surf career!

We will be updating you of Kaikora’s future local Santa Cruz endeavors and Local Santa Cruz Surf competitions, so stay tuned!

Video Transcript:

Shemeika: Kora’s first sponsorship.

Danny: We’re just collecting all the best surfers in town, man.

Kaikora: Just my name?

Shemeika: And the date and the date. Oh and I think you have to put the date on the first page too. The sponsorship begins on and ends on. Whoa wow. Those are really big waves. She’s going to tell us what that means to her.

Kaikora: Um. That means. More surf contests?

Shemeika: Have you ever signed a document before?

Kaikora: No.

Shemeika: A legal binding document?

Ellia: Mom, can you make one for me?

Shemeika: Yeah, I’ll totally make you a contract.

Ellia: You can buy me a new spatula.

Shemeika: Today is February 23rd.

Danny: Serious business, man.

Shemeika: Looks like you’re signing. Now you’re a pro. Now you can buy a house.

Karen: Yeah. Exactly!

Shemeika: And what are you going to return for all these?

Karen: And what about your grades? We need to talk about that.

Shemeika: Yeah, that’s in there.

Kaikora: If I get.

Shemeika: That’s how she gets surf paid surf competitions. For every A.

Kaikora: For every A. You get an entry? You will pay for my entry.

Shemeika: Of how much money? Yeah, there’s a cap.

Kaikora: I need to do two beach cleanups.

Shemeika: Yeah, you wanna do that? And what else?

Kaikora: I have to have your logo on my board and wetsuit.

Sander: I’m going to sign the other one.

Shemeika: Oh yeah, there’s two, Sander.

Shemeika: Oh yeah. Keep that one.

Danny: Shemeika tried to make me put a sticker on my board.

Karen: Oh yeah, why not? Don’t you think? I think so.

Danny: No. Not on mine, mine’s too pretty.

Shemeika: How cute are they? That was so stressful, don’t ever join the surf club team. It’s stressful huh?

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