What if there was an option to sell, avoid the tax, and keep all the money? Well, there is a way.

What if there was an option to sell, avoid the tax, and keep all the money? Well, there is a way.

What if there was an option to sell, avoid the tax, and keep all the money? Well, there is a way.

If there was an option to sell your home, avoid the taxes and keep all of the money, would you be interested? Yes?? Great! Because guess what? There is way!!! Curious?

Check out this interview with Carl Worden. Get some clear insight on 1031 exchanges and deferred sales trusts. With the help of Carl, and his team, you can purchase a downsized home, escape the burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital gains, and create a passive revenue stream that frees you up to spend the rest of their days with loved ones. So if taxes are stopping you from selling your home, we want you to know that you have options to sell your home and keep all of the money*. There is away with Carl’s downsizing strategy.

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We look forward to helping you get unstuck from your largest asset and move on to your next phase of life! For more information, or to a schedule a confidential consultation, Click HERE to get started! I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz real estate expert and I am here to help.

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Video Transcription:

Hi there, I am super excited today from home. I get to interview and chat with Carl Worden who is a tax defer expert and he’s going to take us through the obvious tax defer options such as 1031 exchanges, but he’s also gonna share with us some other options that are not as prevalent or known about. So I am really, really excited to share with you my interview with Carl Worden and hopefully some valuable tips that will save you money and taxes when you are thinking about selling your home right here in Santa Cruz. I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz real estate expert and I just so can’t wait to share this information with you. So stay tuned. Hi, Carl. Hi, Shemeika, how are you? Good, how are you? I love your background. Look, I have that in the background, too, only mine’s just not quite as real as yours. Not as fancy, sciomancy? I think it looks great. Everything looks great, no worries. What I was really intrigued by when we last met is most people who are in the industry or who have sold investment properties are aware of 1031 exchanges but I did not understand that there are other options. Well I did understand but I didn’t understand all of the nuances and intricacies of other options. So I would love for you to maybe just give us a full overview of what you do and options that maybe a standard 1031 exchange that doesn’t work for somebody, of what they can do that would potentially work. Yeah, no problem, I can do that. Awesome. Did you want me to just, are you recording this now? You want me to just get on with it? You know it, let’s do it. Obviously the best thing you can do is save for your future. Sadly most people don’t, and when I say most people, CNBC came out with a report that proved it. And I experienced it first hand because I was in a lot of homes. But 80% of the Baby Boomer generation doesn’t have enough saved for retirement. The fact is they have about $250,000 in cash in retirement accounts or less. Wow. And that’s 80%. It’s actually, actually it’s 50/50 on that 80. So 40% roughly have zero and the other 40% have zero to 250. It’s a pretty scary reality. Wow. So when I came across a strategy, as you know I knew about the 1031 because I had used it for years but I came across another strategy that I’ll share with you here in a little bit. But it was like a bomb went off in my head. I’m like, “Oh my God, this is it. “This is how people are gonna retire.” So people bought homes, especially the Baby Boomers in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and they paid very little and now they’re worth a lot. An interesting additional statistic on the Baby Boomer generation and so 80% of them don’t have enough for retirement. 85% of them own real estate. So it’s not like they haven’t invested. They have but most of their investment dollars are in real estate, either a primary residence, second home or investment property. So when I came across this strategy I was like, “This is it, this is like the Holy Grail.” so I started marketing it in 2009 and it has now since morphed into multiple different, other strategies for getting people access to the money that they have trapped in these assets. I actually just want to know your secrets. What, you said how do you pull your assets out? How do you pull your money out of your assets so that you can retire and live on them and keep all of your money? How do you do that? So one of the strategies that I use and you can find it on defertax.com is something called the deferred sales trust. And essentially what it is is if you sell a property right now, Shemeika, or you own a property. I write you a check for your property and there’s gains, you’re gonna pay taxes. And the reason why is because you took possession of the money. So from an investment property standpoint, if somebody wants to avoid paying the tax they’d have to create a situation where they don’t take possession of the money. So what they would use is something they call a 1031 exchange. Got it. So the intermediary would step in the middle of the transaction between the buyer and the seller. They would take the cash and they would hold onto it. And there’s rules and benefits. You have a finite period of time to find a new property and then get the new money into it. With a deferred sales trust what we do is we step in with a trust, okay, and essentially what happens is the seller wants to sell the property. So what they do is they at the point of sale, the property is placed into the trust. The trust then sells the asset to the end user. So the buyer, the end user, is not buying the property any longer from the seller. Right, got it. Oh that’s so interesting. Many years ago Jerry and Sue got married, bought a house and had children. As time passed the kids grew up, moved out and now have kids of their own. Like many, Jerry and Sue no longer need so much space and they’d like to buy a smaller home near their grandkids and retire with some extra cash. Ideally when downsizing, your main goal is to have enough money to buy a new smaller home in the location you desire while maintaining the maximum amount of profits from your original home’s sale. However capital gains can get in the way. But with Carl’s downsizing strategy it doesn’t have to. Let’s break down the numbers. Jerry and Sue bought their new home for $400,000. Fortunately the value of their home has increased to $1.4 million. They each qualify for a $250,000 tax exemption but that still leaves them with capital gains to pay on $500,000 in increased value. This could cost them 20% to 50% in taxes and seriously impact their ability to retire comfortably. This is where Carl’s four step downsizing strategy can significantly help. Step one, Carl instructs Jerry and Sue to take out a loan equal to the tax free $400,000 basis price. Since loans are not taxed, this money goes into their bank account tax free. Step two, utilize the deferred sales trust strategy. This is where the property is sold to a trust. Step three, the sales trust then sells the property to the end user. Step four, the buyer brings the cash to escrow. The escrow officer immediately pays off the loan against the property and sends the remaining $1,000,000 into the trust. At the end of the day, Jerry and Sue have $400,000 to purchase their new downsized property and $1,000,000 in the trust which can create a lucrative passive income to sustain Jerry and Sue in retirement. Through working with defertax.com, Jerry and Sue were able to purchase their downsized home, escape the burden of hundreds of thousands in capital gains, and create a passive revenue stream that frees them up to spend the rest of their days with their grandchildren. This strategy can also be used on various other real estate transactions as well. For more information please work with your real estate professional and have them set up a consultation for you with defertax.com today. So we should, there was really helpful videos on your website at defertax.com and I’ll give my clients the access code box so that we know who’s logging in and they can just go and explore different options. And then I know last time we met we talked about having the opportunity to set up a consultation for anybody who’s interested in doing any of these exchanges or thinking creatively about how we can sell homes and allow our clients to keep all of their money through the transition into retirement or their next phase of life. So is that still an option? I’d like to throw something else out there, Shemeika, and I think this is really important. Because I do talk with a lot of real estate agents. A lot of real estate agents don’t get really the power of what we do. Thankfully you do and you see this as a benefit to people. Because frankly there are a lot of people out there that are probably looking for this right now and they don’t even know it’s available. Yeah, I think that that is a really, really fantastic overview of what you do and what you offer, and the value seems tremendous and like a no brainer. If people are stuck in their largest asset and not able to move on with their life, whatever their next phase of life or goal might be, so I’m gonna spread the word and get that out there. And hopefully we can do some consultations in person with many wanting and willing and able clients who are just needing a tool to elevate and motivate and move on to that next phase of life. Yeah, yeah, just we have, I mean we have all the team. The tax attorneys, trust attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, everybody you should be talking to before you sell your house. It’s all part of our team. Perfect. And that’s who’s at the table and we can help you. Awesome. Thank you for tuning in and thank you, Carl Worden, for your insight on 1031 exchanges and more. For more information or to a schedule a confidential consultation so that we can see if a tax deferral program or plan is the right fit for you for the sale of your home, let me know. I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz real estate expert and I am here to help.

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