6 Things You Can Do To Sell Your House Fast in Santa Cruz

Need to sell your house fast in Santa Cruz? Some home sellers have the luxury of taking a leisurely stroll through the listing and sale process, with no pressure and no hurry. But for many more sellers, though, time is critical – they need to sell fast. The most common need for speed lies in … Continued

5 Things You Can Do If Your Santa Cruz House Appraises Low

There are few things discouraging when selling your home than receiving a low appraisal. To help you overcome this possible obstacle, we have 5 things you can do if your Santa Cruz house appraises low. REVIEW AND SCRUTINIZE The first step when your house appraises low is to ask for a copy of the appraisal … Continued

How To Prepare for a Santa Cruz Open House in The Time of COVID

The advent of COVID-19 has changed the way things are done in many industries, including everything from education to entertainment to real estate. The use of social distancing to slow the virus’s spread has particularly impacted real estate, causing a move away from in-person showings and open houses to virtual tours. Still, many buyers want … Continued

How To Gain Maximum Exposure When Selling Your House in Santa Cruz

Anyone will tell you that generating interest in your home listing is key to selling high and fast. To get everyone excited about your for-sale property, here’s how to gain maximum exposure when selling your house in Santa Cruz: KEEP IT SPARKLING Everybody knows that you clean before selling your house in Santa Cruz, but … Continued

5 Ways To Get Great Listing Photos of Your Santa Cruz House

Anyone taking a look at the active home listings will tell you that the photos can instantly make or break their interest in a particular property. In order to drive more potential buyers your way, here are 5 ways to get great listing photos of your Santa Cruz house: MAXIMIZE CURB APPEAL When an interested … Continued

5 Things That Affect Your Property Value in Santa Cruz

Whether you’re the average homeowner looking to put your property on the market or a professional investor, it’s good to know what determines how much your home is worth. In order to better understand how everything comes together, here are 5 things that affect your property value in Santa Cruz. Location and Neighborhood As you … Continued

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 131-Day 133

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 131 On Day 131 of the Shelter in Place, Ellia and I were feeling very crafty. We started off making jewelry from a crystal growing jewelry kit and later we made a Christmas tree out of wooden sticks. We were trying to make a candle holder, but it … Continued

How To Avoid Over Pricing Your Home in Santa Cruz

Selling your home takes a lot of time and energy to get everything ready for the market, and pricing your home competitively is part of the process. In order to make sure your home sells quickly for the right amount, we’re ready to show you how to avoid over pricing your home in Santa Cruz. … Continued

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 127-129

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 127 Day 127 of the Shelter in Place was my first day back in town after being in Utah for a real estate conference. It was really nice to strategize and learn new ways that I can best serve my clients. But there was nothing like getting home … Continued

A Checklist For Homeowners Selling Their Houses in Santa Cruz

Selling a house can be more than a little stressful. Any task that involves such a complicated process and so many pieces can certainly be intimidating. But if you tackle such a job in an orderly fashion with a step=by-step approach, it becomes far more manageable. That’s exactly why we’re giving you this checklist for … Continued

5 Things To Do If Your Santa Cruz House Appraises Low

In selling a house, things don’t always go as planned or as hoped. Sometimes, just when everything looks to be working out, the deal falls through. Maybe you’ve received a good offer, the buyer is serious, you’re ready to move forward – and then your house appraises to low. It can and does happen But … Continued

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 123-126

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 123 & Day 124 On Day 123 of the Shelter in Place it was my first time being on an airplane in a really long time. And with the Coronavirus pandemic, my daughter asked me to wear goggles both in the airport and in the plane! People looked … Continued

Interview with Monique Cook, Owner of Coach for Recovery in Santa Cruz

This past week I had the honor of interviewing my dear friend, Monique Cook. Monique is the owner of Coach for Recovery, which offers comprehensive services for people seeking recovery for addiction and anxiety in Santa Cruz County and beyond. She is a passionate, Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) with over 22 years of experience in … Continued

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 118 & Day 119

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 118 On Day 118 of the Shelter in Place Order here in Santa Cruz, Danny brought me coffee in bed…twice! He’s so generous and kind. And after getting caffeinated, we went out for a family surf session before going to work. Later on, Ellia, our little chef, cooked … Continued

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 116 & Day 117

Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 116 On Day 116 of the Shelter in Place order here in Santa Cruz, it was a Saturday filled with lots of showings with my new Fox Realty Group mask. I got the chance to show this really awesome house with Arroyo views! You don’t always need an … Continued