How to Sell a House That Needs Some Work in Santa Cruz

Selling any house is a major task, and selling a house with extra dents and scratches can put you in a nasty position in your local real estate market. To brighten your outlook and inspire that inner salesperson, let’s look at how to sell a house that needs some work in Santa Cruz. Price Competitively … Continued

6 Tips for Santa Cruz Home Sellers Who Have Pets

Owning a pet is an immense responsibility, and taking care of them while keeping your home in good shape adds an extra layer of complexity when selling your home. To help make your property’s time on the market quick and easy, take a look at these 6 tips for Santa Cruz home sellers who have … Continued

How to Sell a House in Santa Cruz if You Have Tenants

At some point in time you may find yourself looking to offload a rental property, but selling the property while tenants are still present creates a unique – and perhaps awkward – obstacle. In order to help lighten the load and make your sale a success, here’s how to sell a house in Santa Cruz … Continued

Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update: April 2021

I’m getting questions every day about the Santa Cruz real estate market. And if or when do I think that it will have a downward shift? Will the expiration of the moratoriums and forbearance have an impact on our market? Hi. I’m Shemeika Fox, your Santa Cruz Real Estate Expert. As of February 14th, that’s … Continued

5 Tips for Selling Your Investment Property in Santa Cruz

Selling invest property is quite a bit different than selling a residential property and comes with its own unique challenges. It may be the final step in your business plan for that particular property, and you’ll want to maximize profits when you sell. The problem, though, is that there are many things that can go … Continued

Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update: March 2021

Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update: March 2021 The Santa Cruz real estate market is booming!! I’ve been selling real estate right here in Santa Cruz for over 16 years, and this is the hottest Santa Cruz sellers market that I have ever experienced. There hasn’t been a better time in the history of real … Continued

Why Sell Your Santa Cruz Home with Fox Realty Group?

“I have been told by clients who end up hiring me that my ability to ask curious questions and listen puts me in a position to actually be able to serve their unique and individual needs and desires with regards to the process of listing and selling their home. I love the marketing aspect of … Continued

How to Handle Bad Neighbors When Selling Your House in Santa Cruz

Selling your house can be stressful enough even when things go well. And when you have to contend with “bad neighbors,” it only gets worse. You’ve invested effort and expense in getting your house looking its absolute best for a quick sale and the best price possible – making repairs, cleaning and decluttering, staging, and … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About Buying New Construction in Santa Cruz

Thinking about buying new construction in Santa Cruz? There’s nothing quite like that new-car smell, and there’s really nothing like moving into a brand-new, never-lived-in-before home. If it’s within your budget, buying new construction seems to have no cons at all. But there can be drawbacks – sometimes hugely costly ones. So it’s critical for … Continued

Our Advice for First-Time Santa Cruz Home Sellers in 2021

Buying a home is often primarily an emotion-driven affair, but in selling your home you must be guided by logic and objectivity. The goal in selling is to maximize profit potential, and many first-time sellers aren’t really aware of how to do this effectively. So here’s our best advice for first-time Santa Cruz home sellers in 2021. … Continued

5 Tricks Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast in Santa Cruz

Skill, experience, knowledge, timing, and a not-so-small helping of luck – all these are the ingredients that go into the recipe that makes selling a house fast possible. Oh, and one other thing: some clever strategies that can significantly reduce the element of luck. And good agents know how to successfully deploy these strategies that … Continued