Our Advice for First-Time Santa Cruz Home Sellers in 2021

Buying a home is often primarily an emotion-driven affair, but in selling your home you must be guided by logic and objectivity. The goal in selling is to maximize profit potential, and many first-time sellers aren’t really aware of how to do this effectively. So here’s our best advice for first-time Santa Cruz home sellers in 2021. … Continued

5 Tricks Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast in Santa Cruz

Skill, experience, knowledge, timing, and a not-so-small helping of luck – all these are the ingredients that go into the recipe that makes selling a house fast possible. Oh, and one other thing: some clever strategies that can significantly reduce the element of luck. And good agents know how to successfully deploy these strategies that … Continued

5 Things That Will Decrease Your Home Value in Santa Cruz

Buying your home was probably the largest financial transaction of your life. So you certainly don’t want to do anything to decrease its value and everything youcan to increase the value. The location-related factors that can decrease your home value you can’t do anything about, but other factors are within your control. So let’s take … Continued

Photo Hacks to Help Your House Sell Faster in Santa Cruz

The old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in real estate – in today’s digital climate – a picture’s probably worth more than that. Most buyers begin their search online, and all they have to go on is your listing photos. These are what make them want to come and … Continued

5 Tips For Showing Your House During COVID-19 in Santa Cruz

Selling a home during the best of times can be a long and overwhelming process. When you add COVID-19 into the mix, it only gets worse – especially when it comes to the challenges involved in showing your house. It may still be a seller’s market, but everything is, nevertheless, now more difficult and riskier. … Continued

Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update: January 2021

Welcome to the January, 2021 National and Local Santa Cruz Real Estate Housing Market Update. This is a wild and crazy real estate market. And here at Fox Group, we believe that education plays a huge part in our client’s success. So let me share a little bit about what we are experiencing both nationally … Continued

Interview with Ted Jones; Owner of Riverview Coffee Roasters

Interview with Ted Jones; Owner of Riverview Coffee Roasters Hi everybody, we’re here tonight with Ted Jones the owner and creator of Riverview Coffee Roasters. And he’s gonna tell us everything you wanna know about coffee and how he got into the business. And, in this interview, he tells us everything you wanna know about … Continued

What Santa Cruz Home Sellers Can Expect Going Into 2021

Want to know what home sellers can expect going into 2021? When it comes to the real estate market, 2020 has been a turbulent year filled with a lot of negative emotions, and preparing to put your home on the market may seem unrealistic. To get you prepared for what could be waiting around the … Continued

Mortgage Options for Self Employed Home Buyers in Santa Cruz

Buying a home can be a stressful and involved process, and being your own boss can throw some additional obstacles in the way. To help you traverse the world of financing a bit easier, let’s examine some mortgage options for self employed home buyers in Santa Cruz. Set Your Expectations From the very beginning of … Continued

6 Misconceptions People Have About Buying a House in Santa Cruz

Buying a house in Santa Cruz? If you’re looking into the possibility of buying a home, you may enter that situation with some preconceived notions that are either out of date or incorrect. To build your confidence with accurate information, here are 6 misconceptions people have about buying a house in Santa Cruz: Twenty Percent … Continued

5 Ways To Generate Interest For Your House in Santa Cruz

If your listing isn’t generating any interest, then you have a big problem, and it’s usually not just that buyers are not interested. Typically, a lack of interest in your house is the result of poor marketing or inadequate property information – but it could be other things. And the worst thing about it is … Continued

The 4 Most Difficult Things About Buying a House in Santa Cruz

Buying a house in Santa Cruz requires a good amount of planning and then following through with discipline to achieve your home-buying goals. To help you prepare for the obstacle course ahead, it’s a good idea to learn the 4 most difficult things about buying a house in Santa Cruz. Run the Numbers A large … Continued

Buying a House in Santa Cruz: Expectations vs. Reality

Buying a house in Santa Cruz? For many Americans, buying a house is a long-held dream or at least a long-worked-toward goal. But when it is finally within reach, expectations don’t always line up with the reality, especially on the financial end. Knowing more about the reality – what you should actually expect – will … Continued